The Art Of Storytelling

by Anomaly

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New single "The Art Of Storytelling" off the upcoming record "Different Shade, Same Color" available February 4th!


I stood for hours in the stairwell just begging you to stay
But you contradicted all my words with reasons why you hate every song I wrote you cause you said that they have stained every ounce of your heart
I guess it’s my fault for the way I’m leaving you a message between every note I sing
And hope to God that every verse can tell you everything I meant when I said that I can’t find the words to say
I’m not scared, I won’t care if you get up and walk away
But if you just give me a chance

We could leave, head out to someplace we’ve never been
I’ll trace the outline of your skin to remind myself what I’ve been missing
And everything you’ve ever said to me, still keeps me going as I bleed through this pen; my monument to what we could’ve been

I swore I heard you whisper something under your breath
As if you were trying to tell me that you were scared to death
I said that I’d be here if you came back but it was left up to you
And if you do I hope that all the time we spent
Underneath the streetlights, out in the parking lot can be replaced by the remains of things that you forgot
If I told you it was raining, would you do it all again?
I recall you were all for giving this a chance

Lately I’ve been restless and lately you don’t care
But if crazy’s where I’m going I know that I could take you there

And if you wanna leave, I swear I won’t say anything
But under my breath I will always be cold
So go
I just hope you remember me cause all this time I’ve wished we could leave
Head out to someplace we’ve never been
I’ll trace the outline of your skin to remind myself
I miss you
I miss you


released December 27, 2013



all rights reserved


Anomaly Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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